Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cruise Packing List

Cruise Packing List
Packing for a vacation is not the best part of the trip. You always end up packing either not enough or too much, or the wrong things, which can put a damper on your holidays.
Taking a cruise may be even more overwhelming, because you do not have any idea what you will need or not need. If you are taking a cruise for the very first time, then you may find that you over pack with many items that you do not even use. For example, do you think that you will not have a hair dryer in your stateroom, as you do in a hotel room? Most ships have a hair dryer as an added feature, much because it has a chance of being used several times during the day.

So what do you need to take on your cruise? What are some things that are necessities and what would be helpful to take, just in case?
The Basics
There are some things that you need to definitely pack, especially if you are visiting other countries:
- If you are going to be leaving the country on your cruise, then you need to make sure that your carry a passport of your state issued driver's license or ID card.
- If you think that you may want to rent a car during one of your ports of call, then you will need to make sure that you have a copy of your automobile insurance.
- You will want to be sure that you have a watch, so that you will not miss your ship during your stops in other countries.
- The clothes that you choose should be those that work around your plans. If you are going to be participating in the formal dinners, then you will want to take formal clothing. If all you plan to do is hang out around the pool, then you will not need much more than a couple of swimsuits and some casual clothing. By determining what activities that you are going to do, you can make better packing and clothing choices.
The Not So Necessary Items
- Digital camera, along with additional memory cards
- Camcorder
- A good book to read by the pool and glasses to read with, if needed
- First-aid kit
- Just in case of emergencies, a small flashlight might be helpful
In the basics list, you will have a very basic list of essential things to bring with you on a cruise. Ocean trips are just a vacation, so you will not need as many things as you may think. Your cruise is one of your special holidays where many necessities will be supplied for you by the cruise line. Have a good time!