Thursday, March 15, 2012

Odyssey Cruise

Practicality and romanticism. Somehow, through the years, cruising has been able to combine both. Cruising is a great way to cut down on the city's traffic and offer a different view of the cityscape. While for honeymooners, its wedding entourage or ordinary couples, the cruise is a perfect setup for a romantic night out of town. In the water, the mechanics are a little different, the novelty intoxicating and the waters a calming escape to the world outside.
Odyssey Cruise Chicago
As a bonus, air transportation through Chicago cheap flights now make the windy city more accessible. If you want a leisurely cruise or an elegant dinner, it is now possible to fly to the area just for the occasion. The three airports available in the area, the closest being the O'Hare International Airport, have flights from all-around the State all year round. If you're planning to take a cruise on a nationwide holiday or on citywide occasions, then make sure to reserve a ticket earlier or avail of the promos. If you can be flexible with your time, then more discounts and promos can be available for your flight.
Chicago cruises can match the best of them. The government has been able to come up with packages that are not only pragmatic but educationally enriching as well. The Chicago Architectural Cruise is always a sellout for tourists and locals who love to rediscover their city time and time again. For students who want a comparative view of the city's skyscrapers without having to go on foot, a cruise is one of the most relaxed ways to enrich learning. For beginners in the industry or laymen, a designated tour guide will usually narrate and take one through the famous skyscrapers such as the Sears Tower and John Hancock Center. Chicago is also home to most of the projects of modernist godfathers such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. The tour is easily accessible via the Navy Pier through Miracle Mile via bus or trolley. Take an architectural tour via the Seadog and Spirit Cruises. The Seadog is an open air vessel which gives long and short tours depending on the amount of time available. The long tour is 75 minutes while the short tour is about 30.
For those who want a spark of romance, a cruise is also available for those who want to hold their weddings, receptions, honeymoon or wedding dinners under the stars. The boats also have wedding planners especially for a wedding on the cruise including cruise preparations such as decorations, special treatments and accommodations on the ship. The possibilities are actually endless on a yacht when it comes to romantic getaways. Most cruise ships are willing to go the extra mile just to please their clients such as altering courses and amenities. Chicago Cruises available for weddings and parties are Odyssey Cruises, Mystic Blue Cruises and Spirit Cruises.
Dinner cruises for couples are also available via the same ship. Choosing one actually depends on what kind of ambiance one wants to establish. The Odyssey is an elegant cruise ship which serves a 4-course dinner meal touring the Lake Michigan front down to Evanston then back to the Navy Pier just in time for sunset. The Odyssey has private tables and can serve up to 750 passengers at one time.
The Spirit Cruise is more for the hip crowd with festive d├ęcor, a live band and a DJ for all-night dancing. The cruise will take one on Lake Michigan's front then down to downtown for a view of the skyline and the city's famous architecture. The cruise offers cabaret-style setting for a more fun atmosphere. The cruise offers a grand dinner buffet for you and your date.
The Mystic Blue is the most casual of cruise ships. As dinner, it offers an equally casual buffet table with a wide array of good basic cooking. It also has private tables but the entertainment which includes a DJ gives off a more fun atmosphere than the two. This is perfect for those getting-to-know-you dates because the atmosphere is intoxicating and will get one to chat all night without the more formal, sometimes awkward, dinners.